Friday, March 30, 2007


Well, for some reason I keep knitting socks.I don't know why, they are not fun to knit. You have to use little tiny needles, and little tiny thread, and it takes you about as long to knit a sock as it does a big poofy sweater.And the socks I knit aren't even that nice. The heels are the hardest part, and I still haven't gotten a handle on getting them tight enough so that there are no holes.These ones with cables were kind of nice but doing cables with #1 needles is a bitch!
So I just finished this pair, I haven't even sewn in all the threads. I made them because I was trying to get rid of the leftover wool. But I chose the wrong colour for the heels and cuffs, because I ran out of it in the second sock! So instead of having two socks with two different coloured toes, I undid half of the first sock (ok which is REALLY hard when you have such tiny stitches!!) and changed the toe so there was enough wool for the second one! Ugh. It was a chore.So tell me why I now want to knit another pair! I have leftover pink wool from the first pair I knit. I have a friend who has a 2-year old daughter. And for some reason I have this overwhelming urge to knit little pink kid socks with a ruffle! I know I will hate doing it, never mind the fact that I'm still knitting my sweater, but I still want to! I keep telling myself .. I have 2 5-hour plane rides to Ottawa and back, I could probably use shorter needles than the ones for my sweater on the plane (otherwise you keep jabbing your neighbors with the needles, they don't like that very much).

I don't know ... they might just never get finished!! But I think I will probably still start them. No sense in letting cute pink wool go to waste, right??

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Sweater Commitment

I have a new project ... After looking for sweater patterns for two months I finally settled on a pattern that was free and not TOO hard, and hopefully it will turn out the way I see it in my mind!!

I still cheaped out on the wool though, I just don't think I'm a good enough knitter to spend 100$ on wool for a sweater I might not like in the end ... People always talk about the first sweater they knitted, and then the first WEARABLE sweater they knitted. I'm still waiting for that one, so until then I'm buying cheap wool! I made the sales lady climb up on ladders all over the store to get 8 balls in the same dye lot, I don't think she liked me very much!

So I've started the left front. The pattern itself is easier than I thought, but the collar and buttons look like they are going to be very difficult. The whole pattern is in shorthand so I'm having a little trouble figuring out what everything means, but I just sort of make stuff up when I'm in trouble and so far its worked out ok ...

The only problem I'm having is the left side of the cables and the knit bars ... I keep getting loose stitches. I've tried holding the wool tight, I've tried twisting the first stitch, I've tried purling through the back of the stitch, I've tried everything I've read about on the web and I still can't get it to tighten up! Any ideas???? I understand blocking will help but can you wet block a sweater that is 75% acrylic? I can just see that stretching it out like crazy.

Well, I think this will probably take me quite a few months to finish, but I'm optimistic that it will be a good sweater. Here's hoping!