Sunday, April 08, 2007

In Ottawa

I spent the long weekend in Ottawa ... visiting sisters and kittens! So much fun. On Friday we went to this amazing nordic spa in Quebec ... It was an outdoor spa - and it was -1 outside, but it was still so relaxing! There was a sauna, steam room, hot tubs, cold baths, a fireplace, and an ice cold waterfall that nearly stopped my heart .. whew!

Saturday we went to Montreal for the day. Shopping shopping shopping! And eating. And I had maple syrup on snow, yummy! I finally got to go to this Simon's I've been hearing about and it was great. Did a lot of walking, but it was worth it. The bus ride there and back gave me time to knit, I'm almost finished the right front of my sweater now. Not looking forward to the back, it will be tedious I think, since it will be so big!! I don't like it when I don't make progress.

Today we had Easter dinner on the farm ... got to see the baby goats, so cute! But now R is back to TO with BW and the kitties, just me and L left. Will go home tomorrow. It was a good weekend!