Sunday, August 26, 2007

The trip of the purses

Well, the flights did not turn out to be too bad. I tried to do it on tiredness alone, so needless to say I still could not sleep. But I managed to keep myself occupied with movies, music and reading, so even though I was nervous the whole time, it really wasn't too bad. The only bad part was the end of the 4.5 hour flight home when the pilot announced some "bumpy" weather into Calgary and the plane jiggled us around like dice for a few minutes. Other than that, I was ok ... Next time I think I'll try gravol though!

So flights aside, I had a pretty good trip!! It started in Toronto -- we got in late, slept at the airport hotel and left in the morning to head to Gravenhurst. Not a very exciting town, I must say. Also our hotel was not very desireable either. It reminded me of camping. Oh well, at least there was running water and a bathroom! The cottage across the lake was beautiful though. It was a former boys camp so there were about 7 cabins on the land. Although we were busy the first couple days with the wedding photos, after everything was done, we were able to relax. People were playing bocci ball, relaxing in the hammock, swimming, boating, wakeboarding, hiking, everything. It was a lot of fun. The wedding was very simple, but very classic. Beautiful. The photos turned out amazing, T did a great job. After the recption was winding down, we pulled out the fireworks we bought on the highway and set them off -- the bride and groom were so excited, who gets fireworks at their wedding!! It was a lot of fun.

Then off to Montreal. It seemed like our trip was divided into 3 sections -- cottage country, friends in Montreal, and family in Toronto, 3 totally different trips. Anyways, Montreal was fun. Spent the first day in Ste. Catherines / St. Denis / St. Laurent area for shopping, drinking and dining. Spent the second day in Old Montreal, where we did the tourist thing, shopped, went peddleboating, and drank on the port. It was nice. This is where Tino bought me a purse, handmade by a Quebec artist:

It's very nice, made by the same artist as the purse R bought last time we were in Montreal.

Then off to Ottawa. We spent about 4 hours visiting L and my parents. It was nice, T got to meet B finally, and we got to see L's new house. It was really good to see them, I was sad it was so short though. Oh well, at least it was something. And L sent us off with chocolate zucchini cake, mmmmmm!!!

Then off to Toronto. This is where T's sister K gave me a purse, handmade in Vietnam from where she had just returned:

So pretty!! I love it. We did a lot of visiting in Toronto. Went for sushi and a fancy dinner in the Distillery district, visited a lot of T's family and drove to NY for outlet shopping. This is where I bought a Coach purse for a ridiculously cheap price:


I am sad however because I totally forgot to call Ozzy while I was there. I just had so many other things on my mind. And I just found out that Laura was there as well that weekend! Too bad, I totally could have met up with them. Sorry guys, I'm such a bad friend. Anyways, it was a good trip. Very interesting, as we got to see so many different lifestyles in a short amount of time. It's great to be home though!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Panic attack coming

I never used to be afraid of flying but for some reason, the past couple of flights I have been on have been hell. I've been scared and nervous the entire time, and they were only 1 hour flights each. I'm petrified for my upcoming 4 hour flight to Toronto and thinking about how bad it could be if I have a panic attack is just making it worse.

Logically, I know there is no reason to be afraid. I know flying is safer than driving and basically all forms of ground transportation, but I think it's the lack of control that scares me. That and the fact that there is no illusion of safety, as there is when you are in a car. In a car, you always feel like you could just get up and walk out. Not so in a plane. You are trapped.

Anyways, I have to get over this, as I fly quite a bit. This will be my 6th trip this year and I have at least one more planned. So I need some strategies to not be afraid of the flight. Sleep would be the best option but I cannot sleep in moving vehicles. How can I make myself sleep, short of taking sleeping pills? Should I get drunk? Help!! Any ideas?