Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Panic attack coming

I never used to be afraid of flying but for some reason, the past couple of flights I have been on have been hell. I've been scared and nervous the entire time, and they were only 1 hour flights each. I'm petrified for my upcoming 4 hour flight to Toronto and thinking about how bad it could be if I have a panic attack is just making it worse.

Logically, I know there is no reason to be afraid. I know flying is safer than driving and basically all forms of ground transportation, but I think it's the lack of control that scares me. That and the fact that there is no illusion of safety, as there is when you are in a car. In a car, you always feel like you could just get up and walk out. Not so in a plane. You are trapped.

Anyways, I have to get over this, as I fly quite a bit. This will be my 6th trip this year and I have at least one more planned. So I need some strategies to not be afraid of the flight. Sleep would be the best option but I cannot sleep in moving vehicles. How can I make myself sleep, short of taking sleeping pills? Should I get drunk? Help!! Any ideas?


Acquiel said...

Get drunk!! It always works for me!

Laura said...

i say take gravol. It makes you not sick AND puts you to sleep. Oh - and/or listen to music.

I've found that reading up on the physics of flight has hslped with my fear of flying... but to a non-physicist... i'm not sure that's so desireable ;)