Monday, December 31, 2007


Ok, Chennai is not a tourist city. Staying in the "tourist area", we were surrounded by hotels and freeways .. um ... My cousin must think we are rich, he booked us in another super swanky hotel. But unfortuately, L and R got sick, probably from some food. My dad ended up calling the doctor to the hotel. They were worried about health insurance until we realized the whole episode (including drugs) cost less than 12$. Whew.

L was sick on her birthday. However, the hotel brought in a delicious banana cake for her , we ate it the next day.

Chennai highlights were the beach (huge!) and the music/dance festival going on (we saw a few shows). Other than that, it was pretty dull, dirty, scary and overpriced. No rickshaw drivers used the meter and they were super aggressive, follow you around all the time. The coolies at the train station tried to charge us 500 rupees (12$) for carrying our luggage. We tried to take it back and they kept grabbing it out of our hands and then still charged us 500. We gave them 100 and then R yelled at them until they left!

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