Tuesday, December 16, 2008

These needles didn't fall off the christmas tree!

So I just won a set of Boye interchangeable circular needles off ebay ... whee! The only reason I bought them is because it is ridiculously hard to find a size 4 circular needle, oddly. Without going to a yarn store, I was unable to find any needles smaller than size 6. Of course, I could have just gone to a yarn store, and paid 12$ for the needles, but that wouldn't be as much fun. And I love the Boye needles mostly because of the colours (not the quality of the needles).

Coincidentally, the same day I won these needles, T asked me if I wanted a set of circular needles for Christmas! I had mentioned the Harmony set from knitpicks earlier and he picked up on that and offered to get it for me. However, the Harmony's don't go smaller than size 6. So I told him he could give me the Boye's for Christmas instead! That worked out perfectly. I'm so excited to receive them, I'm checking the mail every day! 

Once I get them, I will pull out the size 4s and let T wrap up the rest ... I really want to get started on Coraline. Other knitting updates - finished my gift gloves and branching out. Blocking branching out right now, it is so beautiful!! I know it will be received well. Started some slippers as a gift but realized it is hopeless to finish them in time so they will be frogged. Went back to plugging away on monkeys. This is the finest sock yarn I've ever used, they are knitting up beautifully but slowly as they require incredible attention to detail.

In non-knitting news: it's almost Christmas!! Whee!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Do dogs really look like their owners?

You be the judge ... although I think he is a few years out of date with technology ...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The sweet smell of cinnamon

You know Christmas is coming when everything starts smelling like cinnamon, and all the coffee shops start selling egg nog flavoured coffee ... mmm ...

So I finished my kitty, so so cute.

Puppy would like to play with kitty but she is just too small, puppy would eat her. Finally received my RYC yarn, started a second pair of gift gloves, and also started Branching Out, which I am LOVING. It is such a fun lace pattern, and it knits up so beautifully, it is a joy to knit. Haven't touched Monkeys or Coraline for a while, as those are for ME and I am consumed with knitting for others right now.

Cleaned up my stash today, I have accumulated more than I realized ... Also managed to clean the rest of my office - I can finally see the floor and it is a huge weight off my mind. I found all sorts of things I had forgotten about!

Tomorrow I am off to Vegas ... I am looking forward to shopping, although the exchange rate is horrible right now so I'll have to keep that in mind. But I am also looking forward to relaxing and to some good company. Will bring my knitting on the plane, I hope to finish at least one project.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Needles Them!

Just received the most beautiful needles .... bought them on Etsy, my new favorite site!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More knitting junk.

Finally added buttons to Hey Teach, and actually wore it to work yesterday! The first sweater ever worn out of the house! What an accomplishment ... Found my new favorite yarn store this weekend too ... bought some yarn to make Coraline. It looks more difficult than anticipated though so I think I'll start this slow. Will swatch AND wash AND block to make sure my gauge is good because this one will look silly if it ends up too big. Or too small for that matter.

Almost finished my kitty but its ridiculously small so I don't think I'll use it as a gift. Haven't worked on Monkey socks for a few weeks now. Still waiting for RYC yarn for the xmas gift marathon!!! Bleh.

Bathroom is almost done as well ... just need to seal the grout and caulk the edges and hopefully by the end of this week we can have our bathroom back! That would be great ...

I just realized this post is full of nothingness ...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Too Legit 2 Knit

How does your life get away from you so quickly that you no longer have time to do anything and tasks start piling up on you so that you can't even see the floor of your brain?

I haven't had time to do anything lately, but really, my life is not that complicated. Nor is it that busy. I'm a homebody. I stay at home, walk my dog, do some knitting, and that's about 80% of my life. I think the fact that I have so few time bounded activities at home, I've let it get to the point where it's hard to do anything. It's so much easier to manage your time when you have things to manage. Regardless, nothingness is now piling up. Cleaning, cooking, shopping, finances, all the little things that you fit into your day no longer fit in my day. Is it laziness? Probably. But when you have so many things hanging over your head you just lack the insight on how to get things started. I need to get all the tedious things out of the way so I can start doing things I enjoy again ...

The time bounded activity that's currently running my life is the tiling. Just the thought of it makes me feel like I can't do anything else - if only out of guilt. We're going to push hard this weekend to try and get it done. Then it's time to turn over a new leaf and organize my life. And my office, which I literally can't see the floor of...

Monday, October 06, 2008

panic at the disco - i mean, bathroom

So we were spontaneous this weekend and ripped up our entire bathroom floor without really having a plan on how to put it back in ... We're going one step at a time, and so far everything is working out pretty well, but I'm still in panic mode. 

We just don't really know what we are doing, and relying on wikipedia is hardly the best resource. I just wish someone would come and tell us exactly what to do! Then we could do it! I'm just worried we are going to screw something up that is not really visible, and 2 years down the road we'll have to replace the floors all over again ...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Snuggly socks vs. snuggly puppy - puppy wins.

Finished and gifted the bonnet, it turned out quite nice. Pictures are all posted on ravelry so I've stopped posting them here but one day I'll put up a bunch of my finished projects for any non-ravelers that want to see ... I think I would make the bonnet again, it was quick and easy and cute.

Starting piecing together Hey Teach, I just have the button band left. I guess I need to go buy some buttons. I feel like the colour got brighter after blocking. Hopefully the colour doesn't run, I've heard of that happening with knitpicks yarn.

Went to the yarn store and was lured in by some beautiful borocco sock yarn - there is this one shade of blue that every time I see it I need to buy it. It's weird, I don't even like blue but this colour is so intoxicating I just NEED to buy it. So I did. And one skein in green. It was my first yarn balling project, and I needed T to help me figure out how to do it, but it worked out well in the end. Started knitting Monkey socks, they are soft and stretchy and snuggly. However, puppy likes to eat the yarn (he must be intoxicated by the colour as well) so I have not been able to work on them much as every time I pull them out he jumps on my lap and munches away. 

Speaking of puppy, he was bitten by a slug!! Gross. Since when do I have slugs in my yard? Since when do slugs bite? Soon, winter will kill all the bugs, right?

I love fall. Thanksgiving, halloween, leaves, colours, warm inside, crisp outside, how could you get a better season? 

Monday, September 22, 2008

I need some fat babies

Ok, maybe the title of this post is not as witty as I'd hoped, but really, the point of this post is that babies are SMALL. Yet if you try and buy baby yarn, it comes in LARGE quantities. I started knitting a Top Down Bonnet with Anime Character (minus the Anime Character) and it is going to use about 20 yards out of the 5 million yards that came in the ball of yarn. So, once again, I have all this extra baby yarn! Well, now I have blue, white and yellow so I'm ready for anything. Except girls.

Anyways, this bonnet has been a learning experience. Although it is small, it has lots of techniques in it. So far, I have learned to do a figure 8 cast on (which took 5 tries, but looks great in the end!) and am knitting it using the magic loop (too lazy to go out and buy dp when i already had circular). I will also have to learn how to make an i-cord (which I assume will be easy) and maybe even (gasp!) to crochet! I'm almost finished though, this was a nice quick and staisfying project and I hope it fits the baby it's made for. Wouldn't it be ironic if the baby was too fat?

Done the back and front for hey teach, starting the sleeves when the bonnet is finished. I am going to shorten up the sleeves to make them more cappy. Still waiting for my RYC yarn delivery, it is on back order. I have an urge to make socks again. And herringbone mittens. And wrist warmers. All for gifts. To myself.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Projects

I finished the gloves, they are quite nice, but far too small for their intended recipient. So they have gone into the box of miscellaneous finished goods. I'm sure I'll think of someone to give them to, Christmas is coming up after all. (Oh god, I can't believe I'm saying that, it's only September) Also ordered more RYC yarn for more gloves. I think they will make good gifts.

Blocked the shrug, it worked a little bit but I think I ruined the stretch on the ribbing. It hangs a little nicer now, still not too pleased though. Maybe I'll try wearing it to see how it ends up hanging. I could also try washing the whole thing and wet blocking it. Hmm.

Got my knitpicks bright green yarn! Started hey teach - I think it looks kind of old lady-ish in muted colours, but in the bright colours its quite funky so I'm giving it a try. It looks like it will be a pretty quick knit. Finally, big needles!

Other than that, looking forward to halloween ... and dressing up the puppy!! It's the only time of the year I am allowed to put clothes on him. Although, I'm trying to work some winter booties in since the snow will be cold on his paws ... :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Average Ladies Have Skinny Fingers

I am about half done the first glove for the pair I am making as a Christmas gift. The sizing stated that it was one size, but that it would fit an "average lady's" hand. However, I have complete 3 finger so far and they are tight on me! I am significantly less than average, especially in hand size! So I'm a little worried that they may not fit their desired recipient. Oh well, may just have to keep these ones for myself!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Will blocking save the day?

I realize that this blog is all about knitting lately. That is because I no longer travel due to the ridiculous amount of time and effort it is taking me to procure a new passport. Oh well, the next trip will be a good one!

Anyways, I finished the shrug, but unfortunately it doesn't fit nicely at all. I think the ribbing around the front is too tight some how, not sure how I could have done it differently, since I picked up every single stitch possible. But the front pieces are bunching, and it doesn't sit nicely. I am going to do some research on how to block a cardigan (I have a book!!) and see if I can fix it. Otherwise, it's another project gone bad. Out of 3 sweaters, so far 3 are bad.

Also starting knitting swatch for the cashmere gloves - I am going to start checking my gauge since I think it may have something to do with sweaters never fitting. The wool is so soft, I think these are going to be nice gloves.

I ordered some yarn from knit picks for Hey Teach. I'll check my gauge on this one before I do it because eventually I want a sweater that fits properly!!! I'm already planning on making Arnold with the leftover Knit Picks yarn as a gift for K's baby #2 ... But that won't be for a while, too many projects on the go now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Third time's a charm

So I'm making great progress on my little shrug .. done all the pieces, knitting the front band. I picked up 112 stitches along the right front and did a knit/purl ribbing, only to realize I messed up the k/p on the 6th stich. Ok, undo it and start again. Picked up the same 112 stitches again. Got to the collar and was having trouble with really tight stitches. I went on to ravelry to see if there were tips for my particular problem and lo and behold - I have been picking up stitches wrong my whole life!!! I have been reading "pick up and knit" as "pick up" hence the reason for my tight stitches. Ok, have to do it right. Undo again. Finally, I picked up (and knit) about 275 stitches and have officially started the front band! Whew! It took me about 3 hours and my fingers were killing me but it makes so much more sense than the way I was doing it before.

On another note, although I like the way the shrug is turning out, I think if I did it again I would use a more drapey yarn like the silk that was intended for it, or a bamboo/linen/etc type yarn. The shrug does not actually sit on the chest, it kind of hugs the sides of it so it would look nicer if it sort of draped over - I am worried it might end up bunching up on the sides instead. We'll see I guess.

Received my RYC cashmere yarn in the mail yesterday, very lovely! Will start my gift gloves soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Beginning

I've abandoned the big grey monster that is my second sweater for the time being in order to be able to knit ... another sweater. Sounds crazy. However, this big grey sweater is shaping up to be another one of those "ugly sweaters" that everyone makes in the beginning of their knitting career. I can feel it, it just looks wrong. And so, although I refuse to give up the project completely after 2 years of hard work and the fact that I am about 85% finished, I just can't bear to keep working on it right now. In order to keep my zest for knitting alive, I've started a new project that contrasts the old.

It's a shrug -- so much smaller. I'm using Sandnesgarn Alpakka DK wool, which is so soft and light and (finally) a good quality wool. It's bright purple and I get excited every time I look at it! On the four flights I had last week I managed to finish about 70% of the back, so the progress is promising. Also, its in stocking stitch so I can finally stop concentrating on lace and cable. Ahhh its relaxing.

The only challenge is to keep it from smelling like dog ...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The last of the socks ... for now.

Finally! I finished the socks that didn't want to be finished ... First, they were intended to finish up a roll of pink wool. Then I ran out of that wool only to find it was discontinued. So instead of abandoning the project, I re-started them using leftover white wool! Then I made a mistake somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, and had to undo 24 painstakingly tiny and lacy rows. Then I spilled port on the rest of the wool and had to carefully wash it out without wrecking the wool. But finally, finally, they are done!
Not as exciting as their creation would suggest, unfortunately. I vow to not make socks anymore. For now. They make such good gifts though!!

Next project (as the gigantic sweater is still on hold) is a silk shrug. I am hoping to get some silk wool shortly but the lack of knitting stores in Calgary combined with my new puppy tell me it will be a while before that happens ...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Off to the land of the Corona

Yup, that's right, I'm going to Mexico! We decided we really needed some time off together, away from the stresses of the house and so we booked a last minute deal for an all-inclusive in the Mayan Riviera. I'm really looking forward to it ... except ... it's raining!!! Why!?!?!?!

I am really, really hoping for some sun this week. All I want is to relax and sit on the beach. I don't plan on doing water sports, or sight seeing, or shopping. All I want to do is enjoy the sun. So I hope there is sun!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Wooly Frustrations

Remind me to never again:

a) knit a gigantic sweater with lots of detail and tiny needles. Onto month 14 of project big sweater ...

b) put wool and port wine in the same bag. Especially white wool. And a leaky bottle of port.

c) unravel a ball of wool then try to roll it back up again, AFTER it has tangled itself into a woolly mess.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Goa Part 2

Goa is beautiful and ugly at the same time. I think I have a love hate relationship ... The natural beauty of the place is amazing. The Arabian Sea all along the coast, amazing lush greenery mixed with beaches, hills, valleys, it is gorgeous. However, it is like the Mexico of the British. Although the beaches are amazing, they are filled with old, overweight, leathery british people in speedos and inappropriate bikinis. Everything is way more expensive here because they are catering to tourists. You cannot get good Indian food, but you also can't get good western food.

My favorite part of Goa was getting an ayervedic massage from a lady in her house near the beach, swimming in the waves, and relaxing on a lounge chair in the sun. Once you left the beach it was the worst experience of India. THe worst hotel, and a sightseeing tour that consisted of a bus with no shocks dropping us off at 2 temples, explaining what they were in Hindi (no english) and then driving for 4 hours. Oh and capped off with a "boat cruise" which was a 1 hour dance party on a boat which my mom swears blew her eardrums. I really think in their rush to capatilize on tourism they have ruined the area ... it's too bad.

On another note, indians need to learn about economic diversity. In every city, you can buy the specific things that you can't get anywhere else. THere are always about 500 people selling the same things so no one really makes any money. However, if you go 2 km away, you can't find that thing anywhere. Really, if they just mixed around a bit, it would make a lot more sense ...

Anyways. We are back in Chembur. Now that I amover culture shock I really like it here. It is relaxed, vibrant, and so cheap!! We are doing some last minute shopping and hanging out wiht the family. We are leaving at 2:00 in the morning (tonight) to head home. I have about 40 hours of travel ahead of me. I am not looking forward to that. I am however looking forward to seeing T and to sleeping in my own bed!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We had to fly from Kochi to Goa since all the trains were booked. It is peak season on the west coast. It was a pretty good flight, only about 1 hour. Indians can be efficient, we were called to board, boarding, taxied to the runway, and took off in 10 minutes. And we were off the plane with our luggage in 5. Pretty different from Mumbai!!

We are staying in a beach "resort" in Goa. If by resort you mean a bed and a tv. It's pretty bad, worse than the little dinky cheap hotels we were staying at before. Oh well, at least its 500m from the beach. I think I will spend my time there. ;)

Today after arriving we went to Ajuna beach for the Wednesday market. It was insane. Like an entire city of outdoor markets ... only thing is, they are all selling the same thing. And they all think they can charge ridiculous prices because its all tourists who don't know how much to charge. Since we've been here for 2 weeks, we are starting to know what things are worth. It's much easier now to walk away from things if they are not a good price!

Tomorrow we have a sightseeing tour booked, then we'll head to the beach. Maybe we'll get some ayervedic massages too ... We'll relax here for a few days before heading back to the madness that is Mumbai!! I'm kind of looking forward to that ... some real good Indian food, good tea, and saris everywhere!!!


Kochi is like going on vacation from India. It is all white tourists, the only Indian people here are the ones giving the services. However, it is still a really nice place.

It was nice after seeing all the big, chatoic, crazy indian cities to relax, Kochi is a slow paced city. You walk along the beach and see the chinese fishing nets, eat some ice cream, and shop in the markets, see a traditional dance performance, have dinner at the beach and not do much else!

But I did kind of find myself missing India ... oddly ... the food is not indian, the people are not indian, and all the stuff you can buy is the kind of stuff that is made in india and exported. People in india do not actually wear fisherman pants and sequined tank tops.

New Years eve was fun here though. So many people, music, parades, fireworks ... it was a nice time!