Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We had to fly from Kochi to Goa since all the trains were booked. It is peak season on the west coast. It was a pretty good flight, only about 1 hour. Indians can be efficient, we were called to board, boarding, taxied to the runway, and took off in 10 minutes. And we were off the plane with our luggage in 5. Pretty different from Mumbai!!

We are staying in a beach "resort" in Goa. If by resort you mean a bed and a tv. It's pretty bad, worse than the little dinky cheap hotels we were staying at before. Oh well, at least its 500m from the beach. I think I will spend my time there. ;)

Today after arriving we went to Ajuna beach for the Wednesday market. It was insane. Like an entire city of outdoor markets ... only thing is, they are all selling the same thing. And they all think they can charge ridiculous prices because its all tourists who don't know how much to charge. Since we've been here for 2 weeks, we are starting to know what things are worth. It's much easier now to walk away from things if they are not a good price!

Tomorrow we have a sightseeing tour booked, then we'll head to the beach. Maybe we'll get some ayervedic massages too ... We'll relax here for a few days before heading back to the madness that is Mumbai!! I'm kind of looking forward to that ... some real good Indian food, good tea, and saris everywhere!!!

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Lalita said...

Wow -- sounds like these are two beautiful places! Enjoy the beach and the wonderful food! Take some pictures of the sari shops for me :)

I miss you lots btw.

Miss M