Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Kochi is like going on vacation from India. It is all white tourists, the only Indian people here are the ones giving the services. However, it is still a really nice place.

It was nice after seeing all the big, chatoic, crazy indian cities to relax, Kochi is a slow paced city. You walk along the beach and see the chinese fishing nets, eat some ice cream, and shop in the markets, see a traditional dance performance, have dinner at the beach and not do much else!

But I did kind of find myself missing India ... oddly ... the food is not indian, the people are not indian, and all the stuff you can buy is the kind of stuff that is made in india and exported. People in india do not actually wear fisherman pants and sequined tank tops.

New Years eve was fun here though. So many people, music, parades, fireworks ... it was a nice time!

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