Friday, February 29, 2008

Wooly Frustrations

Remind me to never again:

a) knit a gigantic sweater with lots of detail and tiny needles. Onto month 14 of project big sweater ...

b) put wool and port wine in the same bag. Especially white wool. And a leaky bottle of port.

c) unravel a ball of wool then try to roll it back up again, AFTER it has tangled itself into a woolly mess.



Laura said...

I hears ya about the small needles. I'm working on something now with small-ish needles... and I must say, i kind of prefer instant gratification projects.

And too bad about that port... :S

Lalita said...

Lol... what a waste of good port!! I hope you wrung the wool to try and salvage all the lost drops!!

Ohh, ya, sorry to hear about the white wool.