Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The last of the socks ... for now.

Finally! I finished the socks that didn't want to be finished ... First, they were intended to finish up a roll of pink wool. Then I ran out of that wool only to find it was discontinued. So instead of abandoning the project, I re-started them using leftover white wool! Then I made a mistake somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, and had to undo 24 painstakingly tiny and lacy rows. Then I spilled port on the rest of the wool and had to carefully wash it out without wrecking the wool. But finally, finally, they are done!
Not as exciting as their creation would suggest, unfortunately. I vow to not make socks anymore. For now. They make such good gifts though!!

Next project (as the gigantic sweater is still on hold) is a silk shrug. I am hoping to get some silk wool shortly but the lack of knitting stores in Calgary combined with my new puppy tell me it will be a while before that happens ...

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