Monday, August 25, 2008

Average Ladies Have Skinny Fingers

I am about half done the first glove for the pair I am making as a Christmas gift. The sizing stated that it was one size, but that it would fit an "average lady's" hand. However, I have complete 3 finger so far and they are tight on me! I am significantly less than average, especially in hand size! So I'm a little worried that they may not fit their desired recipient. Oh well, may just have to keep these ones for myself!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Will blocking save the day?

I realize that this blog is all about knitting lately. That is because I no longer travel due to the ridiculous amount of time and effort it is taking me to procure a new passport. Oh well, the next trip will be a good one!

Anyways, I finished the shrug, but unfortunately it doesn't fit nicely at all. I think the ribbing around the front is too tight some how, not sure how I could have done it differently, since I picked up every single stitch possible. But the front pieces are bunching, and it doesn't sit nicely. I am going to do some research on how to block a cardigan (I have a book!!) and see if I can fix it. Otherwise, it's another project gone bad. Out of 3 sweaters, so far 3 are bad.

Also starting knitting swatch for the cashmere gloves - I am going to start checking my gauge since I think it may have something to do with sweaters never fitting. The wool is so soft, I think these are going to be nice gloves.

I ordered some yarn from knit picks for Hey Teach. I'll check my gauge on this one before I do it because eventually I want a sweater that fits properly!!! I'm already planning on making Arnold with the leftover Knit Picks yarn as a gift for K's baby #2 ... But that won't be for a while, too many projects on the go now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Third time's a charm

So I'm making great progress on my little shrug .. done all the pieces, knitting the front band. I picked up 112 stitches along the right front and did a knit/purl ribbing, only to realize I messed up the k/p on the 6th stich. Ok, undo it and start again. Picked up the same 112 stitches again. Got to the collar and was having trouble with really tight stitches. I went on to ravelry to see if there were tips for my particular problem and lo and behold - I have been picking up stitches wrong my whole life!!! I have been reading "pick up and knit" as "pick up" hence the reason for my tight stitches. Ok, have to do it right. Undo again. Finally, I picked up (and knit) about 275 stitches and have officially started the front band! Whew! It took me about 3 hours and my fingers were killing me but it makes so much more sense than the way I was doing it before.

On another note, although I like the way the shrug is turning out, I think if I did it again I would use a more drapey yarn like the silk that was intended for it, or a bamboo/linen/etc type yarn. The shrug does not actually sit on the chest, it kind of hugs the sides of it so it would look nicer if it sort of draped over - I am worried it might end up bunching up on the sides instead. We'll see I guess.

Received my RYC cashmere yarn in the mail yesterday, very lovely! Will start my gift gloves soon.