Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More knitting junk.

Finally added buttons to Hey Teach, and actually wore it to work yesterday! The first sweater ever worn out of the house! What an accomplishment ... Found my new favorite yarn store this weekend too ... bought some yarn to make Coraline. It looks more difficult than anticipated though so I think I'll start this slow. Will swatch AND wash AND block to make sure my gauge is good because this one will look silly if it ends up too big. Or too small for that matter.

Almost finished my kitty but its ridiculously small so I don't think I'll use it as a gift. Haven't worked on Monkey socks for a few weeks now. Still waiting for RYC yarn for the xmas gift marathon!!! Bleh.

Bathroom is almost done as well ... just need to seal the grout and caulk the edges and hopefully by the end of this week we can have our bathroom back! That would be great ...

I just realized this post is full of nothingness ...

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