Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Snuggly socks vs. snuggly puppy - puppy wins.

Finished and gifted the bonnet, it turned out quite nice. Pictures are all posted on ravelry so I've stopped posting them here but one day I'll put up a bunch of my finished projects for any non-ravelers that want to see ... I think I would make the bonnet again, it was quick and easy and cute.

Starting piecing together Hey Teach, I just have the button band left. I guess I need to go buy some buttons. I feel like the colour got brighter after blocking. Hopefully the colour doesn't run, I've heard of that happening with knitpicks yarn.

Went to the yarn store and was lured in by some beautiful borocco sock yarn - there is this one shade of blue that every time I see it I need to buy it. It's weird, I don't even like blue but this colour is so intoxicating I just NEED to buy it. So I did. And one skein in green. It was my first yarn balling project, and I needed T to help me figure out how to do it, but it worked out well in the end. Started knitting Monkey socks, they are soft and stretchy and snuggly. However, puppy likes to eat the yarn (he must be intoxicated by the colour as well) so I have not been able to work on them much as every time I pull them out he jumps on my lap and munches away. 

Speaking of puppy, he was bitten by a slug!! Gross. Since when do I have slugs in my yard? Since when do slugs bite? Soon, winter will kill all the bugs, right?

I love fall. Thanksgiving, halloween, leaves, colours, warm inside, crisp outside, how could you get a better season? 

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