Saturday, November 22, 2008

The sweet smell of cinnamon

You know Christmas is coming when everything starts smelling like cinnamon, and all the coffee shops start selling egg nog flavoured coffee ... mmm ...

So I finished my kitty, so so cute.

Puppy would like to play with kitty but she is just too small, puppy would eat her. Finally received my RYC yarn, started a second pair of gift gloves, and also started Branching Out, which I am LOVING. It is such a fun lace pattern, and it knits up so beautifully, it is a joy to knit. Haven't touched Monkeys or Coraline for a while, as those are for ME and I am consumed with knitting for others right now.

Cleaned up my stash today, I have accumulated more than I realized ... Also managed to clean the rest of my office - I can finally see the floor and it is a huge weight off my mind. I found all sorts of things I had forgotten about!

Tomorrow I am off to Vegas ... I am looking forward to shopping, although the exchange rate is horrible right now so I'll have to keep that in mind. But I am also looking forward to relaxing and to some good company. Will bring my knitting on the plane, I hope to finish at least one project.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Needles Them!

Just received the most beautiful needles .... bought them on Etsy, my new favorite site!