Tuesday, December 16, 2008

These needles didn't fall off the christmas tree!

So I just won a set of Boye interchangeable circular needles off ebay ... whee! The only reason I bought them is because it is ridiculously hard to find a size 4 circular needle, oddly. Without going to a yarn store, I was unable to find any needles smaller than size 6. Of course, I could have just gone to a yarn store, and paid 12$ for the needles, but that wouldn't be as much fun. And I love the Boye needles mostly because of the colours (not the quality of the needles).

Coincidentally, the same day I won these needles, T asked me if I wanted a set of circular needles for Christmas! I had mentioned the Harmony set from knitpicks earlier and he picked up on that and offered to get it for me. However, the Harmony's don't go smaller than size 6. So I told him he could give me the Boye's for Christmas instead! That worked out perfectly. I'm so excited to receive them, I'm checking the mail every day! 

Once I get them, I will pull out the size 4s and let T wrap up the rest ... I really want to get started on Coraline. Other knitting updates - finished my gift gloves and branching out. Blocking branching out right now, it is so beautiful!! I know it will be received well. Started some slippers as a gift but realized it is hopeless to finish them in time so they will be frogged. Went back to plugging away on monkeys. This is the finest sock yarn I've ever used, they are knitting up beautifully but slowly as they require incredible attention to detail.

In non-knitting news: it's almost Christmas!! Whee!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Do dogs really look like their owners?

You be the judge ... although I think he is a few years out of date with technology ...