Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To macbook or not to macbook?

I have an iBook G4 that I have been using faithfully for four years with no problems, other than those that come with deprecated hardware. Recently, the battery has come to the end of its life. I'm pretty sure it's used up and not just on the fritz as it's been running non-stop for 4 years. It basically charges to 100% but only holds the charge for about 30 minutes before needing another charge. So I know what to do, buy a new battery.

So here is my problem. I always hoped this iBook would last me at least 6 years. For the price, that seemed like a reasonable amount of time. However, now that it is "broken", I'm not sure if it is worth it to buy a new battery at this point or just jump in the deep end and buy a new MacBook. My iBook is just barely running Leopard these days, has no bluetooth, no camera, no wireless n, no superdrive, no virtualization, etc etc and the shiny new MacBook is sooooo appealing!

So should I
a) Buy a new 150$ battery and try to stretch this one out for 2 more years
b) Buy a new MacBook for $1400 (gack!)
c) Keep the iBook plugged in for 2 years, we are in a recession after all ...

I know $1400 is a lot of money, but 150$ is 10% of a new MacBook. So is 10% worth 2 potential years? What if something else dies before that? I've already upgraded the RAM as much as it can go, there is nowhere else this iBook can go.

Sigh. I wish that someone would just give me $1400 on the condition that I buy a new laptop. That would be super. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So far, so good, so cheap.

Well, it's the 22nd and I have so far stuck to my non-consumeristic month. Although it's been tough to pass up on some of the shopping opportunities, it has shown me what a huge dent in my bank account my personal shopping makes. Although I will go back to shopping in February, I think I will go with a renewed sense of the value of things. I may even (gasp) make a budget. I've never found myself needing a budget in the past  due to my frugality (sic. cheapness), but I think it would make a difference now, especially since this recession is making me look at my net worth in a new light. Speaking of this recession, I don't want to talk about it. I currently have a job. That is all.

In knitting news, I finished the baby sweater, although I am not too happy with it. I don't know if it was the pattern, or the fact that I upsized the needles to get gauge with a finer yarn, but it looks really sloppy. Oh well, it is still pretty cute. I finished one monkey sock, which I LOVE, and have started the second. It's not the funnest lace to knit as it required intense concentration, so these are staying a long term project, but it comes out lovely. I now have a thing for lace. I'm trying to find other lace patterns to knit, and I think I want to try designing a lace pattern. For something simple like a scarf, but it is so fascinating to me how it works up. Maybe it's the mathematician in me ...

I also finally started Coraline!!! So excited! But I quickly realized this is going to be another long, slow project. Stocking stitch on size 4s. I've been knitting for a week and I haven't even finished the hem. Loving the Ysolda pattern though, her detail work is amazing and all these beautiful touches keep showing up. I may not have enough yarn but I think it will work out ok, because if a new dye lot is significantly different in colour, I will simply use it for the entire smocking on the top and it should work out alright. I also learned to do a provisional cast on for this project (on size 2 needles!!) and i-cord edges. Very neat.

Finally, I've decided I want to try some colourwork. I don't know what yet, but it seems like a new technique I would like to conquer. I have a huge list of yarn and accessories I'd like to start purchasing in February. Even though I currently have three lengthy projects on the go I feel like I don't have enough going on. I think I need to start something else as well ... Need more WIPs!

Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 ... The year of the ______ ?

I don't like making "resolutions" per say, but it is always nice to start fresh in a new year.

This year, I have decided that it will be the year of knitting for myself. I started last year, but still ended up making lots of things for other people. This year, it's all about me. At least for a while ... :) Actually, K's new baby came early so I am now scrambling to make a cute little sweater for him. Luckily I started it in 2008 so it doesn't count towards the year of the me.

On non-knitting news, T is getting sick again which is always a sign that we have not been eating well for a long period of time. We haven't been eating poorly, but I guess it adds up. So this year will be the year of taking time to shop and cook properly. Just be healthy in general. Try to stay consistent with working out. Etc. I can't really say its a resolution as I say this every year but hopefully one year it will stick.

We have decided January will be a non-consuming month. Only necessities, no frivolous purchases. Not because we can't afford to but because we don't need to. Guess I can't get those puppy booties after all ... They'll have to wait until February!

I had a decent holiday this year. There were some ups and downs, but overall it was nice to be with family. It was too short though, and I have to say I am not looking forward to getting back to work. I still have too much to do!

For anyone who is actually reading this, hope you and yours have a fantastic 2009!!