Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To macbook or not to macbook?

I have an iBook G4 that I have been using faithfully for four years with no problems, other than those that come with deprecated hardware. Recently, the battery has come to the end of its life. I'm pretty sure it's used up and not just on the fritz as it's been running non-stop for 4 years. It basically charges to 100% but only holds the charge for about 30 minutes before needing another charge. So I know what to do, buy a new battery.

So here is my problem. I always hoped this iBook would last me at least 6 years. For the price, that seemed like a reasonable amount of time. However, now that it is "broken", I'm not sure if it is worth it to buy a new battery at this point or just jump in the deep end and buy a new MacBook. My iBook is just barely running Leopard these days, has no bluetooth, no camera, no wireless n, no superdrive, no virtualization, etc etc and the shiny new MacBook is sooooo appealing!

So should I
a) Buy a new 150$ battery and try to stretch this one out for 2 more years
b) Buy a new MacBook for $1400 (gack!)
c) Keep the iBook plugged in for 2 years, we are in a recession after all ...

I know $1400 is a lot of money, but 150$ is 10% of a new MacBook. So is 10% worth 2 potential years? What if something else dies before that? I've already upgraded the RAM as much as it can go, there is nowhere else this iBook can go.

Sigh. I wish that someone would just give me $1400 on the condition that I buy a new laptop. That would be super. 


Acquiel said...

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

Chances are, you're going to crack and buy a new laptop anyway before it's been two years.

If you buy a new battery, then it'll be "wasted" money as it probably won't be compatible with your brand new shiny and super macbook.

If you think of it, you probably expected to have it for 6 years of PART-TIME use. You used it for 4 FULL-TIME. I don't know.... but if you do the math, you got more out of it then expected.

Get the new laptop and with the money you "saved" on the battery, get yourself a fantastic pair of shoes. ;)

Laura said...

OK, I don't know whether or not you ended up buying a new macbook already... but I just bought a new one yesterday!!

And I was in the exact same position beforehand... My powerbook G4 is still ok, but with me writing my thesis now... I don't want to risk my only computer dying on me, leaving me high and dry.

I know $1400 is a lot... but if it lasts another 4 years, I'll be happy.