Saturday, March 07, 2009

At last

Well, it was inevitable, but I've finally done it. I've changed this blog into a good old fashioned knitting blog. I figure, why put it off any longer, this blog has slowly transitioned into a knitting blog without me admitting it. So, I've changed the title of this blog in order to finally admit it!

So I have been working on a couple things lately. The most notable would be my first pattern! Yup, I designed and wrote up a pattern. Granted, it is a dead easy pattern but it was good practice for the more intricate designs I have floating around in my head. I recently bought this book, and I'm extremely excited about it. I usually try to design lace in my head (which never quite works) or else try and find examples on the internet, but this is exactly what I need! I'm thinking that when I have a few more designs I will post them on ravelry. I may also try to figure out a good way to post here, we'll see.

I started the first sleeve of coraline, I'm so excited about this sweater, but really hoping that the yarn I've chosen will block to the proper gauge. I did get gauge with my swatch but I'm worried about the sweater as a whole because it needs to stretch a significant amount for it to fit. I think it will have to be a very agressive blocking. Keep your fingers crossed.

I bought some self striping sock yarn last week. I know I keep saying no to socks but I realized how much I love wearing them so I thought I'd try an easy one - self striping so all I have to do it knit. I'm actually going to use this opportunity to learn how to do continental style knitting, because that would definitely help with the whole "slowest knitter ever" thing.

Still working on my other project ... don't want to say anything yet. Hopefully it will come to fruition soon ...

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