Tuesday, March 24, 2009

colour conundrum

I purchased some colour cards from knitpicks for a the WotA worsted weight wool, because at $1.99 a skein you can't go wrong! I plan on using it for the FLS, and probably for other projects as well since it is such a bargain for a basic worsted weight wool that comes in lots of great colours. I feel like I am writing an advertisement, I assure you, I don't work for knitpicks! 

Anyways, I want to order the yarn for the FLS, but I can't decide on a colour, so many choices! I generally go with black, brown, beige, etc. I'm a neutral girl ... but this time I want something a little more interesting. I've narrowed it down to a few, posted below. I know there are not many of you that read this blog but if you do let me know which one you think is best for a nice warm cardigan ...

Black Cherry


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