Monday, March 23, 2009

Out like a lion, apparently

The first day of march was half beautiful day, half windstorm, which left us wondering - did march come in like a lion or a lamb? This was of course to predict how the weather would be at the end of march, because as we all know, this saying is scientifically proven. Well, after spending the whole day saturday pumping flood water out of my backyard (luckily flooding only my yard and garage, and not the house, phew), we spend the whole day sunday sobbing - oh yeah, and shoveling the 2 feet of snow that suddenly fell saturday night! argh, my yard - and my garage - are going to be ruined.

In knitting news, I ran out of yarn for my frostbite socks with just a toe left! I need maybe 50 yards but of course cascade 220 only comes in 220 ... oh well, more leftover yarn for me. T suggested I make puppy a sweater with the leftovers - what a fun idea! Back to working on coraline, which is making me go stocking stitch crazy. I need a new lacy project! Maybe I should buy my FLS yarn ... Hmmm ...

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