Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring? Pfft.

I'll believe in this whole "spring" thing when there isn't 3 feet of snow in my backyard. Seriously. However, the impending warm weather means my garage will be flooded by about 2 feet of water soon. Good thing it's the garage and not the house. The weather this year has driven me nuts! I can't wait until the "real spring" arrives!!

I finished one frostbite sock and it's quite fun and warm. Since the pattern I'm using is for slouch socks, I made them about 5 inches shorter so that I can just wear them like regular socks. I mean, it's not 1989 anymore. About half done the second one, they are quick to knit because they are knit flat and seamed. A lot of Erica Knight's patterns are like that - the gloves in particular I am thinking of. Using a mattress stitch, the seam is perfectly invisible. Only problem is the bump on the inside of the sock. Not a big deal though.

Finally got my knit picks order in the mail - yay! The felici yarn is the softest yarn ever, they must make it out of babies or something. Or merino, whatever. I'm excited to start stripey socks but at the same time, I know they will take me a long time to do a) continental knitting b) size 1 needles. I really should get back to coraline but I was a little coralined out. I need another project when the frostbite socks are done - both the stripey socks and coraline are a whole lot of stocking stitch and I think I need something more interesting to work on on the side. Something lacey. I have been meaning to design a lace scarf so I suppose I should do that. Or maybe I'll start FLS or owls! Sweater overload! It's spring, remember!!

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