Tuesday, April 07, 2009

i'm such a smocker

I've started the smocking on coraline, it is taking quite a long time but it is turning out quite nicely, I think. The first smock row I did took me close to an hour. I think part of the problem is that I am not using a cable needle, just a dpn, which requires careful juggling. Here is a close up (as close as I can get) of the first 16 rows. I think it looks pretty neat, and it's going to look great once its all done.While I'm displaying photos of coraline, here is the sweater, hanging out on my coffee table. It's starting to have significant mass now. This is the body and the arms up to the shoulders. Only about 30 more rows until completion. I'm still worried it will be too small though, I really hope the yarn stretches as much as the pattern requires.And just for fun, here is my dog, with a bone that is clearly too big for him, but he doesn't mind!

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Acquiel said...

aww, your dog is so cute!