Friday, April 03, 2009

imaginary blog readers

I've decided I want to make the fountain pen shawl from interweave's spring 2009 issue. It never struck me as being something I wanted to make when I first got the magazine, but just yesterday I thought it might be neat to make a lace shawl - I don't know where this idea came from, but I went searching for lace shawl patterns, and the one that caught my eye was the fountain pen shawl. Convenient, since the pattern is sitting on my desk. However, I think I am going to try and finish Coraline first or else it may never get done. I'm finished the stocking stitch portion, so now I am about to start the smocking - I'm excited about that, I've never done smocking before.

Once I've completed that, I'll start the shawl, keep the long term stripeys going, and then start on another sweater - either owls or fls. Speaking of fls, the 0 votes on my last post indicate to me that the only ones reading this blog are the imaginary ones. But that's ok, they are the most forgiving and enthusiastic ones! (In my mind at least, they are saying 'Yaaaayyy!!!!')

Anyways, I'm trying to plan projects to keep diverse ranges as WIPs. If I have 3 pairs of socks, I won't work on them all. But if I have a lace project, a mindless project, and a big thick project, I can switch back and forth to keep the variety going. Oh, now I have an urge to start on that shawl, luckily I can't go to the yarn store until next week anyways, so hopefully I can resist for a while!

Looking forward to the long weekend next week, I need a break from all this doom and gloom.

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Laura said...

I'm imaginary!! yay!! :)

I think I want to do the fountain pen shawl too. But my sweater is taking forever. Sigh. Maybe one day.