Tuesday, April 28, 2009

wishing i was knitting instead of sitting

I like ordering yarn online, because it is sooooo exciting to get a big parcel of yarn in the mail! However, the waiting period is torture, especially when it is coming from the U.S. This time around, I received a tracking number, but when I enter it in the post office website, I get a notice saying it is expected to be delivered by ... one week ago. Bleh. How am I supposed to track that?

I am waiting for some lace weight merino/silk yarn to start the fountain pen shawl, I am very excited about trying that, I've never knit with lace weight before, although I have knit with very fine gauge sock yarn so it's probably very similar. I am also waiting for some bright red worsted weight wool for the february lady sweater. Due to the massive blocking required for coraline, I'm finally admitting that a) swatching is important and b) i am not ALWAYS an extra small and not all sweaters need to be fitted, so I'm hoping to make the FLS a nice, loose, swingy sweater.

The buttons I ordered off etsy are wonderful, but they are raw so i need to coat them before I put them on the coraline sweater. Then, just the button loops and I'll finally be done. I have to say, after washing, the Berocco alpaca yarn is super soft and deliciously smooshy. I will definately use again.

My stripey socks are coming along, but I gave up trying to knit continental with them. It was just too hard with such a small needle, I kept splitting stitches and it looked awful. So I frogged and started again regular style. Also had a minor brain setback that required me to frog the heel FOUR TIMES before I got it right. The sad thing is the first three times I did the exact same thing each time, thinking that I must have made an unknown mistake, not realizing that I was interpreting the pattern wrong. Sigh. Well, I learned my lesson and I will never mess up a short row heel again!

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