Tuesday, June 02, 2009

birthdays and baking

A friend emailed me a few days before my birthday and told me she was in a knitting store - what would I like for my birthday? How lovely! She didn't disappoint, not only did I get my knitting gadget wish list fulfilled, but she picked out a very interesting skein of lana grossa sock yarn, that at first glance looks variegated, but at second glance looks like this!!!
Very cool ... I am excited to make socks with it. Must ... finish ... striped ... socks ... first!

In other birthday news, I received a crazy awesome present ...
A cookie press!!! Who has a cookie press these days? I didn't even know they still made them. I am so excited to make all sorts of fun shapes! But first, I must finish the cheesecake, and the cupcakes, and the chocolate mousse cake, and the big bag of whoppers. Not maltesers - whoppers. Hmm, are my pants tight?

Round that out with some awesome tasting tea and some fabulous gourmet M&Ms, and I think my gifts this year describe me in a nutshell. I have some pretty awesome friends ...

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Acquiel said...

A cookies press!!!What a brilliant idea! I am so jealous right now.