Monday, June 08, 2009

cookie press adventures

Made some cookies with my cookie press on the weekend ... I cannot type properly today due to the pain in my forearms!! I apparently didn't make the dough properly - when you make a rolled cookie you need plenty of flour, but if you make cookie press dough using plenty of flour, it does not come out of the press without he-man strength!

After much trial and error, I figured out that I just needed a softer, stickier dough, but man, it was a rough trial and error. Anyways, the cookies look good and taste pretty good too. I didn't decorate them though, I was too tired afterwards!! Here are some pictures from my cookie press adventures:

Also, just a note. I discovered a flaw in my fountain pen shawl so just spent the evening unraveling 2 long rows ... yuck. I hope that is enough unraveling to fix the error, I'm a little confused as to what the error is precisely. So sad, as I am on the 7th pattern repeat and getting so close! Still have not decided how many repeats to do. I think I may do the full 10 as my gauge is quite small, but I am aiming for a 60 inch width, instead of 72. Going to have to do the math ...

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