Friday, July 17, 2009

aarrggh again.

Ok, so I've knit about 60 rows of the sleeve and I just don't like it. I accidentally cast on 60 instead of 66 so it was significantly smaller than I had anticipated. I also forgot that my bicep is bigger than my elbow and so I had to start doing increases. Then it just looked silly. I think I'm going to rip it out for a FOURTH time and just do 76 stitches all the way - no increases or decreases. I think that will give it a belled look at the elbow since it will be too big for the elbow, but should fit my bicep alright. Maybe I'll scale down to 70 stitches even, I don't know yet. I'm frustrated because every time I rip out this sleeve the yarn breaks. Single ply does not give much strength apparently.

On a weirder note, I just finished vaccuuming my bathtub. It was a strange experience. However, it makes more sense when you realize we just laid a tile floor so it was full of wood chips and mortar dust.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

whispers of insanity

I started the whisper cardigan. Then I started it again ... then I started it again ... Let's see if this one takes.

First try was with 76 stitches cast on for a straight sleeve. Waaaaay too big. Unravel and try again. Second try 66 stitches down to 60 within 12 rows for a slightly belled cuff. Much better. But what's this? Huge, totally noticeable ladders!! I tried a few techniques to solve them and once I had it figured out, unraveled again. Third try is on the go, so far no ladders!

I used the technique of carrying my stitches backwards, which I found here, and it worked! Although, now instead of having a line of loose stitches I have random loose stitches in the fabric. My knitting is usually quite even, so I am a little disappointed about that, but I'm hoping that random stitches will block out easier than ladders and it will look even in the end.

I think I've lost my knitting mojo for a while though, all that work on the fountain pen shawl, I think I need a bit of a break. Once I get into the whisper though I'm sure it will come back, I do love both the yarn and the pattern.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

fountain pen photos

To start, some pictures of my fountain pen shawl during blocking. You can see my funky "urban" blocking mats, they work quite well I have to say.Next, some photos of the finished product. I had great plans for some lovely pictures - we took the puppy to the river yesterday for a picnic in the sun. I brought the camera and the shawl for a perfect setting for a photo op. However, before the pictures could be taken, the sun disappeared, and the clouds broke open in thundershowers. We ran to our friends' car and ended up spending the rest of the indoors ... So these pictures will have to suffice. I absolutely love the shawl though. I love the way it looks, and I can see myself wearing it in all sorts of situations. I never thought I would be able to wear a shawl, but I think I thought wrong!

I have now started the whisper cardigan. However, the sleeves are so wonky, I'm experimenting with them. I started with casting on 76 stitches (down from the 90 in the pattern) and it is still not to my liking. I'm going to unravel and start again I think. Also, using #6 dpns, and getting terrible ladders. I tried using a 12 inch circular but it was too big for the small sleeve, so I'm kind of at a loss. I really don't want those ladders running up the sleeve. I may have to be creative here ...

Anyways, the malabrigo yarn is lovely. I think this will be a slow going sweater but its nice to knit with lace weight yarn in the summer. I cannot bear to pick up any worsted lately.