Friday, July 17, 2009

aarrggh again.

Ok, so I've knit about 60 rows of the sleeve and I just don't like it. I accidentally cast on 60 instead of 66 so it was significantly smaller than I had anticipated. I also forgot that my bicep is bigger than my elbow and so I had to start doing increases. Then it just looked silly. I think I'm going to rip it out for a FOURTH time and just do 76 stitches all the way - no increases or decreases. I think that will give it a belled look at the elbow since it will be too big for the elbow, but should fit my bicep alright. Maybe I'll scale down to 70 stitches even, I don't know yet. I'm frustrated because every time I rip out this sleeve the yarn breaks. Single ply does not give much strength apparently.

On a weirder note, I just finished vaccuuming my bathtub. It was a strange experience. However, it makes more sense when you realize we just laid a tile floor so it was full of wood chips and mortar dust.

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