Thursday, July 09, 2009

whispers of insanity

I started the whisper cardigan. Then I started it again ... then I started it again ... Let's see if this one takes.

First try was with 76 stitches cast on for a straight sleeve. Waaaaay too big. Unravel and try again. Second try 66 stitches down to 60 within 12 rows for a slightly belled cuff. Much better. But what's this? Huge, totally noticeable ladders!! I tried a few techniques to solve them and once I had it figured out, unraveled again. Third try is on the go, so far no ladders!

I used the technique of carrying my stitches backwards, which I found here, and it worked! Although, now instead of having a line of loose stitches I have random loose stitches in the fabric. My knitting is usually quite even, so I am a little disappointed about that, but I'm hoping that random stitches will block out easier than ladders and it will look even in the end.

I think I've lost my knitting mojo for a while though, all that work on the fountain pen shawl, I think I need a bit of a break. Once I get into the whisper though I'm sure it will come back, I do love both the yarn and the pattern.

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