Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what woman can pass up a sale?

I couldn't resist. Knitpicks was having a 33% off sale on lace yarn! My new favorite obsession is lace yarn. All other yarns just seem so big and bulky. So I picked up a few skeins. And what a deal! For 20$, I got one skein of hand dyed alpaca/silk and two skeins of kettle dyed merino, including shipping! So cheap, and yet so nice. I have yet to be disappointed with knitpicks. Of course, it doesn't compare to a malabrigo, but it's still a pretty good yarn! I'm thinking of making the Swallowtail shawl with the alpaca/silk. I'll just do the shawlette as I want a shawl that is a little smaller than my fountain pen one.

I've been working on my february lady sweater lately, it's a nice easy knit. I was excited when I was able to memorize the gull lace pattern on the first repetition, but now, I have to say it's pretty boring! Not stimulating my mind at all ... Good TV knitting ... Because it is knit from the top down, I'm able to try it on as I'm going, so I know that once again it's way too small! Fortunately, my swatch grew 25% when I blocked it so I'm hoping that transfers to the actual sweater. Otherwise I'll have yet another too small sweater!Also working on some mittens for T. Have been using a cabled mitten pattern from astroknits, but I don't think I have the right yarn for it, it's knitting up far too small. I like the look of the pattern, but I think I'll just do a basic mitten without the cables so I can get them done quickly and in time for winter. Seems so far away though since it is 30 degrees today! Whee!

Also, my puppy got a funny hair cut ... :)

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