Monday, October 12, 2009

lace race

I completed my swallowtail shawl, hurrah! It was a great little project, I started it while on the plane to and from L.A. Two 3 hours flights got me about half way through the shawl. Then I worked on it exclusively in order to finish it, and in the end it only took me about two weeks, which has got to be a record for me, even with it being a small shawl (shawlette, if you will). The pattern was simple, even the nupps were not too much trouble. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this. Some photos pre-blocking, and post-blocking.I used the knitpicks shimmer yarn, which is so lovely. It is much finer than the gloss, which I did my fountain pen in. It makes a much more lightweight, finer shawl. T says it "looks like a doily", which I suppose it kind of does. I think that was a compliment. I'm going with compliment.

I also knit up some quick mitts for T, have to still make a matching hat.Winter pounced on us so quickly, +30 one week, and -15 and snow the next. Our patio furniture never even made it inside, the hammock is quickly collecting snow and will stay that way until it warms up (hopefully next week). I'm going to get back to my february lady sweater again. I only have a few inches left on the body to complete so hopefully I can get going on that and have a new sweater before it gets TOO cold!!

I'm still not wanting to get back to my whisper, I suppose I just have to pick it up at some point and force myself to knit it. But there are so many other things I want to start too! Oh well, I'm not doing any Christmas knitting this year (due to it being the year of knitting for me still) so I should have plenty of time ... :)

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