Friday, December 03, 2010

Another Free Pattern

A new free pattern from me available on ravelry.

There is a cup version (seamed) and a mug version (buttons). Please let me know if there are any errors, and enjoy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another FO and some UFOs too

Wow, it's been a while since I posted last. Things have been busy!

I did finish another project a while ago, in early September that I never posted about. My two-at-a-time-toe-up-magic-loop socks! They were quite easy, and now that they are done they are quite warm. I liked the two at a time method, as it did get rid of second sock syndrome. However, it also made progress a lot slower than normal.I've started quite a few projects since completing my double v cardigan as well.

1) Geodesic Cardigan - this cardigan is from Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010 by Connie Chang Chinchio. I think it's super cute. I'm making it in Knit Picks Shadow in the Soot colour. It's going to be really nice. I worked on it while traveling this summer, and made it about half way up the body, then it got put on the back burner for a while.

2) Triinu Scarf - from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush.I started this with my Diamond Yarn Luxury Baby Alpaca, and it looks lovely, but it is VERY fine yarn, and VERY detailed lace and when I started it, I was traveling a lot, and did not have the patience or ability to do it on the road. So it got put on a stitch holder and has remained there ever since.

So that brings me to my current project, which I am trying very hard to complete!

3) Petal Blanket - from Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans by Norah Gaughan.There are 36 squares to knit - so far I have completed 12. It took me two months to do that so I don't think I'll finish by the end of November like I planned! Here is a picture of one square.
I am making it using Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in HoneyDew. It's such a cute colour. And so soft! I think it will turn out nice, but probably not before the baby it is meant for is born. After all, in order to get all those 36 squares together, I still have to learn to crochet!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

FO: double-v cardigan

Well, it took a few months but I finally finished it - my double-v cardigan! It is a pattern found in Interweave Knits Spring 2010, by Melissa Wehrle.I knit it as written, and it turned out perfectly, exactly as expected. The pattern was well written and the lace pattern was easy to memorize. Of course, reading "Do this while doing this and at the same time do that" is always difficult but I'm getting used to it after trying to do less simplistic patterns. The real tricky part was decreasing over rows where the stitch count was inconsistent. You really had to think about how many stitches to decrease, and I ended up re-doing half of one of the fronts because I decreased it a different amount from the other front.
The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy - a mix of hemp, cotton and rayon. It is extremely light and in combination with the lace, is a very light and breezy sweater. The yarn is a bit tough in the beginning but softens up nicely with use, and with washing.
All in all, I love it!

newfoundland treats

I had the most delicious dessert in Newfoundland. I asked for the recipe, and was shocked at the ingredients ... this square is all over the internet already so I thought I'd post the recipe. It's not healthy, but it's dead easy (you don't even need a measuring cup) and scrumptious!

Newfoundland Skor Squares

1 box Ritz crackers
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 bag Skor chipits
1 tub vanilla icing

Crush Ritz crackers. Add condensed milk and half the bag of chipits. Mix together, and press into 9x11 inch greased pan. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes, then cool. Mix together the icing and the rest of the chipits. Spread on top. Cut into squares. Enjoy!


We spent a week in Newfoundland this July. It was a hell of a time getting there, but once we were there, we really enjoyed it. The purpose of the trip was to attend a wedding, which was very lovely, but we spent the first six days just the two of us, travelling around the Avalon Peninsula. There was a lot of small towns, friendly people, deep fried fish, and beautiful scenery.

I thought I'd put up some of my favorite pictures from the trip. Enjoy!Path along the cliff at Signal Hill in St. John's. We did the 4k hike down the cliffs and back up in our flip flops. Not on purpose ...
The Battery in St. John's, very neat to walk through all the houses.Cliffs at Cape Spear, the Easternmost point in Canada. Very beautiful.Fin whales in the Atlantic Ocean, outside the St. John's harbour. We saw about 10 whales on this boat tour.

Humpback whale diving in the Atlantic Ocean, near Cape Spear. They kept diving over and over again to give us a good tail shot! It was a really nice boat tour, the weather was beautiful, we were on the ocean for the sunset.

Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, a bird sanctuary at the southern tip of the peninsula. My pictures don't do it justice. It was so beautiful, so amazing. There will millions of birds all along the cliffs. You could walk right to the edge and look out over the ocean. It was so breathtaking, especially with the fog.

All in all a great trip, if you are ever waaay out east, it is worth seeing. We loved St. John's as well, a vibrant and exciting little town!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cupcakes and Buttercream

I just finished a post on running, and now I'm going to write a post on delicious baking!

I volunteered to make dessert for a get together on the weekend. As usual, I defaulted to cupcakes. I really wanted to try a recipe from my Martha Stewart Cupcakes book, but it was not chocolate. And everyone loves chocolate. So I thought I'd make two kinds of cupcakes. Now, I'm not that self destructive, so I made a half batch of each for a total of 18 cupcakes, which is entirely reasonable. :)

My friend recently brought me back a package of vanilla beans from Bali, and I've been wanting to try them out.
So, the first batch was Orange Vanilla Bean cupcakes from Martha Stewart Cupcakes. I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out the vanilla beans! Here is a picture of the original:
You see that she has even caramelized orange slices for the topping. I did not, as I am no Martha! I thought these ones were very nice. Strong orange flavor with a hint of vanilla. They turned out very well.

The second batch was Red Velvet cupcakes from Cupcakes Galore. They were originally 4th of July cupcakes with red, white and blue decorations. Once again I did not do this. They were nice and moist (and RED!) but not chocolaty enough. This could be because I just attended a wedding with a red velvet wedding cake that was literally LITERALLY the BEST CAKE I'VE EVER EATEN. Sorry, just had to yell. It was that good. So, clearly, these ones did not live up to it. I think they are nice and red because there was not much cocoa, but consequently, there was not much chocolate flavor.

I used Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the icing on both. The Swiss Meringue Buttercream was creamy and perfect and everyone loved it. I don't care for it, since I'm not a butter person, so I probably won't make it again. But it did work well for both cupcakes.

Here is a picture of how they did turn out!Yum! Next post, travelling and some knitting updates! Big updates!

review: Garmin Forerunner 110W

Well, I finally got my belated birthday present from T! It is a few months late but it only came out recently in Canada and I've had a tough time finding it in stock. But now I have it, and I used it on my run today, so I thought I'd give it a quick review.

The Garmin Forerunner 110W is a GPS sports watch/heart rate monitor. It's supposed to be targeted towards beginner/casual runners, as there are no programs on board. It's very simple. It gives you distance, time, average lap pace and heart rate. It gets the satellite signal in under 30 seconds, which is very fast. Ask me how I know that is fast (damn Tom Tom).

Although it is a decently small GPS watch, it is still quite large on my "dainty" wrist. However, the band can be sized as small as you want so it fits nice and snug. The heart rate monitor on the other hand was too big. Even for the woman's size, at the smallest setting it is still loose around my chest (or rather, under-chest). I solved this problem by tucking it under the band of my sports bra and it stayed put during the run. However, it did feel like it was going to come off the entire run.

As for the watch itself, I personally loved it. I had auto lap set to 1km, so it showed my pace over 1km. While not exactly current pace, it was enough to see when I was speeding up or slowing down. It beeped to let me know when I hit the km markers. Maybe because I've been running without a watch lately - not knowing how far or how long I run - but it was exactly what I have been wanting.

I still have to figure out the full features of the Garmin Connect website, but in short, you upload the data from your run and that is when you see all the details. It shows you your real pace, elevation, distance, heart rate, calories, maps out your course, etc etc. Fantastic. You can track all your runs in a calendar, do comparisons, run reports and more.

I feel like I'm trying to sell this watch. I'm really not. I just am not a gadget person (as much as my profession / possession of tons of electronics would suggest) and the previous Garmin GPS watches just seemed too complicated for me, with way too many features that I'd never use. When they came out with this one, I was sold immediately. I just had to wait a few months for it to be released!

Friday, July 09, 2010

hot hot heat

Well, after two months of wishing for warm weather, it's finally here -- and I'm sooo hot! I would love to have some ice cream and go jump in a pool right now!

Some random updates ... I ran my second 10K race two weeks ago - I did not train for this one, and it was quite a hot day for a run, but I still did pretty well I think. I finished in 1:01, I think. It was not chip timed so I'll never really know. Part of me wants to try a half marathon next, but I think with all the things happening this summer, it may have to wait until next year.

My socks are almost finished, I worked on them on the trip to Vernon, where we spent our Canada day long weekend. Finally, some progress!

Also, my double v cardigan! I finished all the pieces, and decided that I couldn't stand the fact that one front was one stitch off. I think since there is patterning in the fabric it was noticeable to me, and I don't like having errors in my finished project (even though this is not technically and error). So I ripped the front out half way and started again. Finished it pretty quickly, and now all the pieces are blocking, as seen here: I still have to assemble and create the button band, which I know is going to take forever, from my button band experience! But hopefully I can be diligent and get it done before moving on to other projects.

Speaking of other projects, I think I want to start the geodesic cardigan. I'm not feeling the nuppy lace work right now, so another basic project will be good I think. Also, still trying to use up my stash, so I need to pick projects that will work with the yarn I have.

Speaking of stash, I will soon need to buy more as I plan to make a baby blanket for the winter - no, not for me. I'm planning to choose one out of the Afghans book I have and perhaps make it in all white, for a classic look.

Well, off to find some ice cream, and enjoy the sun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oreos and herbs

I don't think I've ever bought a box of oreos before ... I stay away from store bought cookies, because why would you eat store bought cookies when you could have HOME MADE cookies?? But today, I bought not one, but two boxes of oreos.Ok, oreos are pretty good. But what is even better? Cheesecake cupcakes made with oreos!! Full size oreos make the base of these cupcakes:From the top, they do not look that impressive ... But check out the oreo on the bottom! And the cheesecake is filled with chopped up oreo cookies! OMG decadent oreo goodness. For anyone brave enough (cookie addicted) enough to want to try this recipe, it is found in the Martha Stewart Cupcakes recipe book. This book is fabulous and makes me want to quit my job and become a cupcake decorator.

Because of all the sunshine lately, I've been slacking on my knitting. I have half a sleeve left on my double v cardigan. However, it is the half sleeve that requires counting counting counting decreases. I will need a good couple of hours to sit down and do the decreases - otherwise I lose track of where I am. Consequently, I have not worked on the sleeve for a while and instead have been plugging away at my socks. I've finished the heel and am now on the home stretch - the leg. I plan to do some calf increases but other than that it is straight knitting, so it's pretty mindless and easy to do in the summer for short bursts at a time. Of course, it hasn't all been sunshine. As you can see, my poor herb garden is currently flooded ... But surviving so far! Come on sun, come back! And finally, a puppy shot because he's such a cutie!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the ice cream man

I'm at about kilometre 6 of my 8 kilometre run. It's a nice, sunny day, but I'm not having a good run. Whether I didn't eat enough today, or the music on my ipod isn't inspiring enough, or what, my heart's just not in it today. I'm struggling but I continue to keep going. As much as I want to stop, sit down, there's a nagging voice in the back of my head saying "race .. race .. race ..." I'm in training and I have to keep running.

As I come up to the intersection, there is an ice cream truck parked on the road facing me. These trucks are all over the place in the summer. It's idling, waiting for some kids to come by perhaps. I turn right. The ice cream truck starts up, turns to follow me. Must be a coincidence. There are tons of kids in this community, and I am turning to go off the main road deeper into the suburbs.

But the ice cream truck doesn't pass me. No. He turns on his ice cream music.

I'm running at just under 10km/hr. Ice cream trucks usually drive between 20-30km/hr. I know, there are tons of kids around here and the trucks come around often! A transit bus turns onto the road behind me. Okay, maybe the ice cream truck was waiting for the people to come off the bus. He finally passes me and stops in front of the bus stop. The bus comes, lets off the bus people, and continues on its way. The ice cream truck waits until I pass the bus people, and starts up again, following closely behind me. Music still on.

Have you ever been 3 feet away from ice cream music? It is so loud my ipod is drowned out. My head starts to hurt. And all I can think of is getting some of that cold, sweet, delicious ice cream! He is clearly taunting me. Does he think this is funny? I keep running.

He follows me down the entire block - no one else is around. Finally, I turn right to go into the park. He has to turn left. I'm now more motivated than ever to get home, so I pick up my speed. Last 2 kilometres. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll have some ice cream.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

first run back

I took a week off running to heal my battered and blistered feet. Today was my first day back. I did a short 5K run, and my thighs felt like bricks! Not in a good way - like solid, immovable, stone. Bleh. However, I did manage to keep a good pace so it ended up being a good run.

In knitting news ... I haven't been knitting much. I took my socks on a trip to Vegas for work, and only knit about 5 rows. Possibly because I was in Vegas ... I've also stalled on my cardigan. I just started up the last sleeve yesterday after not touching it for about 2 weeks. I did however start a new scarf with the finest yarn I've ever used in a super soft alpaca. However, it has 7-stitch nupps which may yet drive me crazy. So progress on that is slow too.

Summer is always slow for knitting. I'm not too concerned about that. I'd rather enjoy the sun while we have it!

Saturday, June 05, 2010


My new year's resolution was to train for a half marathon. I didn't quite make it to running a half marathon yet, but I completed my first 10k race on the weekend. I ran it in 59:13, which is a personal best for me! It was tough, but I felt great, and didn't feel the massive blisters and jarring shin splits until it was over and I was limping home.

I know now that I can be a runner. I just have to train like a maniac. I was running 30-40km a week for the past 8 weeks or so to accomplish this. Next step, start speed training. I want to get a better 10k time, and also to eventually get to that half marathon! I'm taking a week off right now to heal my bloody and broken feet but tomorrow I'll start back up again. I'm so excited!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

happy birthday to me!

I haven't posted in a while ... I have been meaning to post and I was going to post when I got my Interweave Knits Summer 2010 issue - that was in April. Guess I'm a little slow. Anyways, I was a little underwhelmed by this issue, but I usually am with summer issues in general. There was only one pattern that I liked, the Impasto Shawlette by Susanna IC:I do like it, and it seems like it would be a quick knit. However, I still have to work on reducing my stash!

My double v cardigan is going well, I've finished the fronts and back, and one sleeve. However, with the nice weather lately I am spending less time indoors knitting. So, it's going well but going slow. I also decided to try and improve the slippers I made for myself a while ago, by adding a crochet trim. That's right, I learned to crochet! Sort of ... I have to say, the improvement didn't really work, but it inspired me to try some other crochet patterns.

Which leads me to my latest knitting purchase:
I can't believe I bought a book on afghans! It takes me years to finish sweaters, what was I thinking??? Well, maybe it's time to branch out. And these afghans are beautiful. It has crochet and knitting patterns, so I might try a crochet one first, to try out my new crochet skills. The one that caught my eye is Medidate by Donna Yacino:Oh yeah, the name of my post is because my birthday was last week. I just had a lovely brunch with some good friends to honour ME!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

so confused

I just completed the back on my double v cardigan. I have to say, most of it was pretty easy and interesting to knit. The yarn is turning out to be quite lovely, and the drape of it is spectacular. Seriously. I never thought I'd use the words "drape" and "spectacular" in the same sentence but it really is. I'm excited to see what it looks like as a full sweater and not just a piece.

However ... the instructions for the shoulder shaping were SOOO difficult and confusing! Usually, when I read something the first time and it doesn't sink in, I just have to take a deep breath, and read it slowly, line by line, and it makes sense. These instructions did not make sense!! I read it again and again and nothing. I have no idea what I was actually supposed to do. So I just made something up. It seems to have worked. It looks kind of right. So I'm just going with it!

I'm going on a plane ride tomorrow, so I'm going to pick up my 2-at-a-time socks again - haven't touched these since Christmas. We'll see how far I get, it's a short flight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

FO: whisper, ME: relieved

Finally, I finished! My lovely, terrible, beautiful, dreadful whisper cardigan. In the end, I love it.I really need to figure out how to take pictures of myself better than to just use a web cam. Oh well, this will do for now.

It is so light and airy, yet soft. Love the malabrigo lace and wearing it so close to the skin is divine. However, because it is yellow, it is extremely sheer and so there are probably only a few tops that I can wear it with. Blocking helped with the irregular stitches on the sleeves but did not completely fix it. It's not too noticeable, but makes the sweater look "handmade", I think.

I made up an XS size as the size small was too large for me - mods are listed on ravelry. I also made the back longer so it is less of a shrug and more of a cardigan. I wore it once already, and loved wearing it, however after one wear (full day) the sleeve edges are starting to get stretched out. Hopefully this is a one time shape-to-me thing, and it won't KEEP stretching out or else it will not last for long. Also, I noticed some areas where the thick and thin part of the malabrigo lace is VERY thin. Not sure if this is going to be a problem. I just hope it doesn't unravel. I may go over those sections and reinforce, not sure yet.

All in all I'm very happy with this!

I also completed some quick slippers but they don't stay on my feet, so I'm going to fix them up a bit before saying they are actually complete.

Started my double-v cardigan as well. The hempathy is nice but stiff to knit with so I can't do it for long periods of time. However, you can tell it softens up as you work with it and I've read that with wash and wear it becomes very soft and lovely, so I am looking forward to that!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

too many cardigans

So I've been trying to decide on a new cardigan to knit, since I've recently completed some big projects and only have TWO WIPS on the needles right now! I'm still trying to complete my whisper cardigan, but I have to say I hate knitting it!! Well, no, I hate knitting the sleeves. No, I hate knitting on DPNs. No. I hate knitting sleeves in lace weight yarn on DPNs. I am on month #9 of this endeavor (although the knitting time is extremely limited - maybe 5-10 hours total so far for all the times I've started over) and I am so tired of it. So, I'm going to bring a new cardigan into the fold!

Option #1: Double v cardigan by Melissa Wehrle in IK Spring 2010
I love her designs. This cardigan is simple and classic, and would be interesting to knit because it is an all-over lace pattern (no stocking stitch yay!). It also uses a DK weight yarn, which will be a nice change from all the lace weight yarn I've been using lately. I have the pattern. Only problem, I do not have any yarn for this, and I'm trying to knit from stash as much as possible. It calls for a cotton/linen/rayon blend which my LYS has nothing of the sort.

Option #2: Tissue cardigan by Deborah Newton in IK Spring 2010 This cardigan immediately caught my eye. I has a simple body with an interesting lace yoke. It calls for a lace weight yarn held double, so the actual knitting is at about a sport/worsted weight. When looking at this pattern, I realized I have the perfect yarn for it in my stash - Tanis Fibre Arts Pink Label lace in Chesnut. I have 2000 yards of it, which is just about enough to make this cardigan. Its a tonal hand dyed yarn, so held double I think it would give a really interesting colour texture. I'd have to swatch first to make sure, but I think it would be perfect. Two problems with this one: first, its a lot of stocking stitch, which I'm king of tired of after knitting citron, whisper and socks only for the last few months. I haven't done any lace since before Christmas and I'm missing it. Second, it requires me to wind 2000 yards of lace yarn, which although I do have a swift, would still have to be wound BY HAND and I don't think I have the patience for that right now.

Option #3: Geodesic cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio in Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010
This cardigan is modern with interesting details, and I could see it being an everyday cardigan. I have some kettle dyed black lace weight merino yarn that I bought with the intention of making a shawl with. However, its not a black black, it's more of a faded black. I feel like with lace shawls and wraps, you really need to have saturated, strong colours. Maybe it's just me, but I like the colour to POP with the lace. As soon as I got the yarn (I ordered it online) I knew it wasn't right for a shawl. So it's been sitting ever since. Once I saw this cardigan, my mind immediately went to the black yarn. This cardigan would totally suit the kettle dyed, weathered look. This cardigan has two problems as well: 1) I do not have the pattern and cannot find the mag anywhere in town or online (sold out or back ordered) and 2) MORE STOCKING STITCH AND IN LACE WEIGHT YARN I don't know if I can take more of this right now while I still have whisper on the needles.

Well, fortunately the solution just appeared out of thin air - my finger wandered to Webs and just purchased 6 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in navy blue ... that should do the trick for the double v cardigan! I suppose I'll still have to wait a few weeks for this to arrive, but in the mean time I can try to buckle down and finish this stupid whisper (which I'm sure I'll love when I'm done because the yarn is so delicious, but I just can't stand right now). Oh and also to look for a ball winder. And the knitscene mag. So that I can eventually knit all three options. Yum!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

a new, hot pink, FO!

Well, I didn't finish my citron shawl on my trip, but I did finish it a week later, while recuperating from a plane-ride-home-developed cold! It's so light and airy and soft, I love it! Not entirely sure how to wear it yet, but here are some pics ...I know, I need better pictures! Oh well.

Speaking of my trip, it was fantastic! We had a fabulous week full of sun, ocean, cities and jungle. We went swimming, kayaking and jet skiing. We saw the Panama Canal. We went zip lining. We went shopping. All in all, a great trip! I came back quite relaxed and tanned, even though I was sick. I was able to go back to work feeling refreshed. Only thing is, now I crave pina coladas all the time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

malabrigo junkie.

I had grand plans for this post, to update on all the things I've been working on lately (with pictures!) but there is no time... in 3 hours I'll be heading to the airport for a week of sun and adventure in panama, I'm so excited!

But I digress... I've been working hard on my Whisper cardigan. I bought some bamboo dpns to try and make the sleeves easier to knit, but I found that although both sets were #6, the bamboo ones were 4.25mm and the metal ones were 4.0mm. Grr!! So then I checked my circular #6, and it is 4.25mm too! So I didn't want a bunch of gauge changes in the middle of the sweater, so I went with 4.25mm which required me ripping out the sleeve for the FOURTH TIME. Anyways, knitting with the bamboo dpns went a lot faster, and although I don't have ladders, I do have lots of irregular stitches due to my switching the transfer points around. I'm hoping it will block out. I was going to post some pictures to show but no time!! I am currently at the halfway point on the back. I am doing my own sizing as the smallest size is far too big for me, so I'll post my XS measurements when I am done, if they work.

I decided I didn't want to take the sweater with me on my trip, as it is hard to knit stuff you have to try on as you go on a plane. So I wound my other malabrigo lace into a ball and cast on for the citron shawl! Frogged twice already to get the increases right (I kept getting holes) and I think this time is the charm. I'm thinking even if I don't finish it on the trip, I should get pretty far. It's a small and simple shawl, which for me is easiest when traveling.

Alright, must go pack - I'll post pics of knitting and of the trip when I get back!

Monday, February 01, 2010

finally, a sweater committed!

After 3 full years, I have finished the big gray monstrosity. Ok, to be fair, it was sitting in the back of my closet for about 2.5 of those years. But still, it is a good accomplishment. Not sure I like it, but glad to be done knitting it!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

loco for coco

I broke down and made some cupcakes today ... pina colada cupcakes! Pineapple, coconut and rum cupcakes, with coconut icing, topped with toasted coconut. Mmm! The recipe is from Cupcakes Galore.I have been focusing on trying to finish the big gray monstrosity that is my cable sweater. I've actually made good progress; I re-knit the sleeves, sewed all the seams, and am now working on the collar. I'm about half done the collar. I was so excited to be so close, then I remembered I still have to make the belt. But that shouldn't take too long, so hopefully I'll be finished fairly soon.

I also used my swift for the first time today to wind some Diamond Luxury Alpaca lace yarn. Here is the finished product! Next on the shopping list - ball winder.I've been good though - have not bought anything this month yet, including yarn. I'm sticking to my no-consumption January again. Although I think this year I will try to not buy yarn for longer than just January, I have a lot of stash I need to start working through.

I plan on making the Triinu Scarf from Knitted Lace of Estonia with the alpaca. I really want to start it RIGHT NOW but I'm resisting the urge in order to focus on the sweater. Soon it will be finished ... Soon!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

new year, new yarn

Happy new year! I know I'm a little bit late but I've been busy being lazy. It's wonderful.

We had a great holiday, the puppy tolerated the 14 hour drive to see family very well. Probably even better than we did, given that he didn't have to drive ... On the trip, I managed to start and finish a new garment for him, the Biscuits and Bones sweater from Patons. It's so cute, as evidenced here:Once he figured out that wearing his sweater and booties (yes, we bought him booties, and yes, he wears them proudly!) lets him go for long walks in the freezing cold, he gets so excited when we put it on him!

An older knitting project, that I could not mention before as it was a gift, is my latest lace work. It was a shawl for my mom, her Christmas present! I used the Sari Lace Triangle pattern by Sylvie Beez, which is painstakingly charted in a series of 10 charts, each from 1 and 3 pages in length. So many charts!! But the finished project is gorgeous:
I've told my mom to send pictures of the shawl in action so hopefully I can post those soon. It is really quite an amazing pattern.

And since I've decided that I need to start working off my stash this year, I started some basic toe up socks. I am trying a new technique for me - two at a time on one needle using magic loop. It is really quite simple once you figure it out. Since I am using my lovely Lana Grossa patterned yarn for this one, I am just doing a basic sock so the pattern comes out.

Also, I've pulled out my sweater from hell. I am determined to finish it. After a year of stalling on the button band, I finished it (then ripped it out and finished it again - buttons go on the left for women!!) in 2 days. Of course, then I decided to rip out the sleeves and knit them again slimmer. The ripping out part was fun, but the re-knitting will take a while. It is not difficult, but it is a large sweater and I am not good at cables. I have also ripped out the seams since I recently discovered the mattress stitch and my old seams look pitiful now.

I also plan on starting up my whisper cardigan again. I have no desire to work on it, I just like petting the yarn, then putting it back again. I was thinking of maybe switching to bamboo needles, as one of the reasons I don't like knitting it is the lace merino slides on the aluminum needles so much, you have to knit slowly and carefully. Maybe with some bamboo needles I'll get more traction and be able to speed up my stocking stitch.

And of course, new yarn! First up, some malagrigo lace I found in Winnipeg at the Woleseley Wardrobe, for knitting up Citron: And of course lots of yarn from the Ram Wools Co-op in Winnipeg, some bought, some gifted by my knitting enabling mom:Last year's knitting was all about knitting for me. This year is about catching up to me! I have bought so much yarn with intentions to knit but I don't like how big my stash is getting. So I am going to resist buying new yarn without some stash knitting. I have many projects in line for my stash knitting so that shouldn't be a problem. I also received this book for Christmas, so I should have some intricate lace projects to work on! Oh, and I almost forgot, my Christmas present from T was a swift! Whee!

Resolutions for the year are small: knit from stash, vacation more, and run a half marathon. Well, train for a half marathon. We'll see if I ever actually get there. But even if I don't, I'll still be in good shape!