Tuesday, June 08, 2010

first run back

I took a week off running to heal my battered and blistered feet. Today was my first day back. I did a short 5K run, and my thighs felt like bricks! Not in a good way - like solid, immovable, stone. Bleh. However, I did manage to keep a good pace so it ended up being a good run.

In knitting news ... I haven't been knitting much. I took my socks on a trip to Vegas for work, and only knit about 5 rows. Possibly because I was in Vegas ... I've also stalled on my cardigan. I just started up the last sleeve yesterday after not touching it for about 2 weeks. I did however start a new scarf with the finest yarn I've ever used in a super soft alpaca. However, it has 7-stitch nupps which may yet drive me crazy. So progress on that is slow too.

Summer is always slow for knitting. I'm not too concerned about that. I'd rather enjoy the sun while we have it!

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