Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oreos and herbs

I don't think I've ever bought a box of oreos before ... I stay away from store bought cookies, because why would you eat store bought cookies when you could have HOME MADE cookies?? But today, I bought not one, but two boxes of oreos.Ok, oreos are pretty good. But what is even better? Cheesecake cupcakes made with oreos!! Full size oreos make the base of these cupcakes:From the top, they do not look that impressive ... But check out the oreo on the bottom! And the cheesecake is filled with chopped up oreo cookies! OMG decadent oreo goodness. For anyone brave enough (cookie addicted) enough to want to try this recipe, it is found in the Martha Stewart Cupcakes recipe book. This book is fabulous and makes me want to quit my job and become a cupcake decorator.

Because of all the sunshine lately, I've been slacking on my knitting. I have half a sleeve left on my double v cardigan. However, it is the half sleeve that requires counting counting counting decreases. I will need a good couple of hours to sit down and do the decreases - otherwise I lose track of where I am. Consequently, I have not worked on the sleeve for a while and instead have been plugging away at my socks. I've finished the heel and am now on the home stretch - the leg. I plan to do some calf increases but other than that it is straight knitting, so it's pretty mindless and easy to do in the summer for short bursts at a time. Of course, it hasn't all been sunshine. As you can see, my poor herb garden is currently flooded ... But surviving so far! Come on sun, come back! And finally, a puppy shot because he's such a cutie!

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