Saturday, June 05, 2010


My new year's resolution was to train for a half marathon. I didn't quite make it to running a half marathon yet, but I completed my first 10k race on the weekend. I ran it in 59:13, which is a personal best for me! It was tough, but I felt great, and didn't feel the massive blisters and jarring shin splits until it was over and I was limping home.

I know now that I can be a runner. I just have to train like a maniac. I was running 30-40km a week for the past 8 weeks or so to accomplish this. Next step, start speed training. I want to get a better 10k time, and also to eventually get to that half marathon! I'm taking a week off right now to heal my bloody and broken feet but tomorrow I'll start back up again. I'm so excited!

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