Monday, February 15, 2010

malabrigo junkie.

I had grand plans for this post, to update on all the things I've been working on lately (with pictures!) but there is no time... in 3 hours I'll be heading to the airport for a week of sun and adventure in panama, I'm so excited!

But I digress... I've been working hard on my Whisper cardigan. I bought some bamboo dpns to try and make the sleeves easier to knit, but I found that although both sets were #6, the bamboo ones were 4.25mm and the metal ones were 4.0mm. Grr!! So then I checked my circular #6, and it is 4.25mm too! So I didn't want a bunch of gauge changes in the middle of the sweater, so I went with 4.25mm which required me ripping out the sleeve for the FOURTH TIME. Anyways, knitting with the bamboo dpns went a lot faster, and although I don't have ladders, I do have lots of irregular stitches due to my switching the transfer points around. I'm hoping it will block out. I was going to post some pictures to show but no time!! I am currently at the halfway point on the back. I am doing my own sizing as the smallest size is far too big for me, so I'll post my XS measurements when I am done, if they work.

I decided I didn't want to take the sweater with me on my trip, as it is hard to knit stuff you have to try on as you go on a plane. So I wound my other malabrigo lace into a ball and cast on for the citron shawl! Frogged twice already to get the increases right (I kept getting holes) and I think this time is the charm. I'm thinking even if I don't finish it on the trip, I should get pretty far. It's a small and simple shawl, which for me is easiest when traveling.

Alright, must go pack - I'll post pics of knitting and of the trip when I get back!

Monday, February 01, 2010

finally, a sweater committed!

After 3 full years, I have finished the big gray monstrosity. Ok, to be fair, it was sitting in the back of my closet for about 2.5 of those years. But still, it is a good accomplishment. Not sure I like it, but glad to be done knitting it!