Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oreos and herbs

I don't think I've ever bought a box of oreos before ... I stay away from store bought cookies, because why would you eat store bought cookies when you could have HOME MADE cookies?? But today, I bought not one, but two boxes of oreos.Ok, oreos are pretty good. But what is even better? Cheesecake cupcakes made with oreos!! Full size oreos make the base of these cupcakes:From the top, they do not look that impressive ... But check out the oreo on the bottom! And the cheesecake is filled with chopped up oreo cookies! OMG decadent oreo goodness. For anyone brave enough (cookie addicted) enough to want to try this recipe, it is found in the Martha Stewart Cupcakes recipe book. This book is fabulous and makes me want to quit my job and become a cupcake decorator.

Because of all the sunshine lately, I've been slacking on my knitting. I have half a sleeve left on my double v cardigan. However, it is the half sleeve that requires counting counting counting decreases. I will need a good couple of hours to sit down and do the decreases - otherwise I lose track of where I am. Consequently, I have not worked on the sleeve for a while and instead have been plugging away at my socks. I've finished the heel and am now on the home stretch - the leg. I plan to do some calf increases but other than that it is straight knitting, so it's pretty mindless and easy to do in the summer for short bursts at a time. Of course, it hasn't all been sunshine. As you can see, my poor herb garden is currently flooded ... But surviving so far! Come on sun, come back! And finally, a puppy shot because he's such a cutie!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the ice cream man

I'm at about kilometre 6 of my 8 kilometre run. It's a nice, sunny day, but I'm not having a good run. Whether I didn't eat enough today, or the music on my ipod isn't inspiring enough, or what, my heart's just not in it today. I'm struggling but I continue to keep going. As much as I want to stop, sit down, there's a nagging voice in the back of my head saying "race .. race .. race ..." I'm in training and I have to keep running.

As I come up to the intersection, there is an ice cream truck parked on the road facing me. These trucks are all over the place in the summer. It's idling, waiting for some kids to come by perhaps. I turn right. The ice cream truck starts up, turns to follow me. Must be a coincidence. There are tons of kids in this community, and I am turning to go off the main road deeper into the suburbs.

But the ice cream truck doesn't pass me. No. He turns on his ice cream music.

I'm running at just under 10km/hr. Ice cream trucks usually drive between 20-30km/hr. I know, there are tons of kids around here and the trucks come around often! A transit bus turns onto the road behind me. Okay, maybe the ice cream truck was waiting for the people to come off the bus. He finally passes me and stops in front of the bus stop. The bus comes, lets off the bus people, and continues on its way. The ice cream truck waits until I pass the bus people, and starts up again, following closely behind me. Music still on.

Have you ever been 3 feet away from ice cream music? It is so loud my ipod is drowned out. My head starts to hurt. And all I can think of is getting some of that cold, sweet, delicious ice cream! He is clearly taunting me. Does he think this is funny? I keep running.

He follows me down the entire block - no one else is around. Finally, I turn right to go into the park. He has to turn left. I'm now more motivated than ever to get home, so I pick up my speed. Last 2 kilometres. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll have some ice cream.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

first run back

I took a week off running to heal my battered and blistered feet. Today was my first day back. I did a short 5K run, and my thighs felt like bricks! Not in a good way - like solid, immovable, stone. Bleh. However, I did manage to keep a good pace so it ended up being a good run.

In knitting news ... I haven't been knitting much. I took my socks on a trip to Vegas for work, and only knit about 5 rows. Possibly because I was in Vegas ... I've also stalled on my cardigan. I just started up the last sleeve yesterday after not touching it for about 2 weeks. I did however start a new scarf with the finest yarn I've ever used in a super soft alpaca. However, it has 7-stitch nupps which may yet drive me crazy. So progress on that is slow too.

Summer is always slow for knitting. I'm not too concerned about that. I'd rather enjoy the sun while we have it!

Saturday, June 05, 2010


My new year's resolution was to train for a half marathon. I didn't quite make it to running a half marathon yet, but I completed my first 10k race on the weekend. I ran it in 59:13, which is a personal best for me! It was tough, but I felt great, and didn't feel the massive blisters and jarring shin splits until it was over and I was limping home.

I know now that I can be a runner. I just have to train like a maniac. I was running 30-40km a week for the past 8 weeks or so to accomplish this. Next step, start speed training. I want to get a better 10k time, and also to eventually get to that half marathon! I'm taking a week off right now to heal my bloody and broken feet but tomorrow I'll start back up again. I'm so excited!