Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3-needle bind off

I've been working on my geodesic cardigan recently, and today I finished the body. The next instruction: join the shoulders using a 3-needle bind off. Time to learn something new!

As soon as I heard "3 needle", I was sure it was something complicated. But after a quick google search, I discovered it's actually easy as pie! Here are a couple of good resources I was able to find that taught me everything I needed to know about a 3-needle bind off! The first one is a youtube video by Planet Purl, and the second is a knitty tutorial from Techniques with Theresa for those of you that prefer the written instructions.

I took a couple pictures because I thought the result was really neat. From the right side, it is a very neat and even seam:From the wrong side, a very even ridge is created. Since this is a lace weight yarn, the ridge is barely noticeable. You can see it right where my thumb is: What a great new skill to learn, so easy and yet will improve my knitting in many ways!

On a different note, the pictures show very clearly an issue I've been wondering about. I used two different kettle dyed skeins for this project, and in the first picture, you can clearly see the two different shades. When I look at the cardigan, I can see a very distinct line between the two skeins, at about armpit height. I don't believe that it will be very obvious once it is on, but these pictures confirmed my suspicion that it really is there!

Only the sleeves left to knit. Hopefully it will be done this spring sometime!

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